Since Betaglucare was aired on Today Tonight, our phones have been in melt down with people wanting to get their hands on this new product as well as wanting some very serious questions answered with regards to the current medications that they are on for cholesterol and general health and well being.

Betaglucare officially went out of stock Australia wide within 48 hours of the show airing. The manufacturer is importing a new batch in and that is expected to hit our shores during the last week of August.

Firstly let me start by saying, that as a pharmacist, it concerns me griefly that patients would consider stopping medication that have been prescribed to them by their doctors based on a story featured on a TV show.

Betaglucare, although pitched on Today Tonight as having no side effects in comparison to statins which can have side effects such as muscle cramps, should not be compared head to head with statins as they work in a completely different manner and produce different degree of cholesterol lowering effects.

Having said that, Betaglucare which contains Nordic oats, have been shown to have a better bile mopping up effect than regular oats which we have always known as having a positive effect on the cholesterol profile.

Swedish studies on Betaglucare show that with its use bad LDL cholesterol dropped 15 per cent on average, and for diabetics, the Nordic oats can reduce blood sugar by four per cent. That's a great result from a natural product.

Also keep in mind that cholesterol-lowering foods include salmon, chia seeds, linseed and lecithin. Walnuts, avocado and olives are also very good and they can lower total cholesterol levels by about three to five per cent.

So in summary, before you give your prescription medication the flick, please always speak to your doctor or pharmacist about the exact reasons of why you have been prescribed the medication and seek their opinion on whether you can discontinue the medication or not.

You can use products such as Betaglucare in conjunction with your prescribed cholesetrol lowering medication and always follow a low fat healthy diet. And if possible incorporate exercise in your daily routine.