There are thousands of vitamin and mineral supplements that line the shelves of pharmacies. But which supplements may be useful for you during different stages of your life. Here’s a look at which supplements can be used as you move through the different decades in your life. Remember to always consult with a healthcare professional.




Late-night partying and poor eating habits can trouble this age group. Substantial alcohol intake can leave you deficient in B vitamins and zinc. These nutrients are also used up more quickly in stressful situations, such as those studying, or who have a stressful job.


People in their TWENTIES might want to consider:





This is a stressful decade for the body, as work and family life kick into high gear and physical activity declines. Many women may fall pregnant and the nutritional status of the mother at the point of conception plays a major role in determining the health of the developing baby. Nutrients of critical importance include folic acid, iodine and omega-3.


People in their THIRTIES might want to consider:





Most people enjoy good health, but need to start preparing for the ageing process. Plan particularly for osteoporosis by monitoring vitamin D deficiency. Without vitamin D we can't absorb calcium, even if there's enough in our diet.


People in their FORTIES may want to consider:





There's an increased risk of cardiovascular disease at this time, along with a range of other age-related conditions. If you haven’t switched to fish oil, now’s the time - Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in supporting the health of the heart, immune system, joints, eyes and general wellbeing.

People in their FIFTIES may want to also consider:


  • Calcium and vitamin D to combat osteoporosis
  • Herbal supplements to assist with menopausal symptoms
  • Lutein supplement for the eyes, which start to degenerate (Blackmores Lutein-Vision)




The main concerns are osteoporosis, heart disease and the joints and muscles. The gastrointestinal tract starts to work less efficiently and fewer vitamins and minerals are absorbed from our food.  This is why many multivitamin brands have a 60+ formula, containing slightly higher amounts of some nutrients.

People in their SIXTIES AND OVER may want to also consider: