At Your Chemist Shop, we love fresh new products! And what better way to share the love than to review some of our favourite products which have been featured in the media each week.


This week's spot light is on:


1- David Babaii's Miracle Oil 

Winter has well and trully arrived, and just as our skin dries out during the colder months, our hair can also become dry, split easily and for those of us that colour of our hair, the colour fades out quicker during the colder month. 

So it makes sense that just like we take of our skin, we should also pay a little extra attention to our hair especially during the colder months. This can be easily achieved by chosing a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair and using a nutrient rich oil such as David Babaii's miracle oil as deep conditioning treatment and daily styling aid.

A deeply hydrating mask, the David Babaii's miracle oil will drench your hair with moirsture and protect it from dehydration.Miracle oil has been uniquely formulated to contain no silicones and is free of parabens and petrochemicals which can be damaging to hair. It has a highly concentrated highly concentrated formulation- containing 6 exotic ingredients (Argan Oil, Immortelle Essential Oil, Brazil Nut Oil, Acai, Pequi & Sweet Almond Oil) which assist with nourishing and conditioning hair, reducing frizz and protecting the hair cuticle.

2- Totally Natural Male Max Tablets

Are you always feeling run down and stressed and like there's just not enough of you to go around? Then you'll want to know about this new men's multi from Totally natural products which has been specifically formulated for the hard working man. Totally Natural Male Max tablets contain a broad spectrum multi-action formula that combines a potent blend of 30 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

Totally Natural Male MAX contains 8 energy-generating vitamins, minerals and nutrients that assist in providing you with more energy and less fatigue. Male MAX also contains Zinc for your sexual performance and also assists with healthy blood pressure & circulation. Manganese and Vitamin C for your bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage is also used in Male MAX. So there's no more excuse for feeling tired!

3- Ease A Cold Cough, Cold and Flu 

Ease a Cold cough, cold and flu capsules contain traditional ingredients to help reduce the severity of you cold. It is formulated to help reduce cold and flu symptoms including cough, cold, sore throat, congestion and headache. 

The day formulation helps to relieve flu symptoms throughout the day without cuasing drowsiness.

The night formulation continues to help relieve symptoms and help provide a good night's sleep. ( Ofcourse like any medication or supplement, use only as directed and if symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional).

David Babaii Miracle OilTotally Natural Male Max tabletsEase A Cold and Flu capsules