There are many great aspects to getting older - the gaining of wisdom, a greater acceptance of ourselves, and a wide variety of life experiences. However there are other aspects of getting older that many would rather do without. Frown lines and age spots can add years to peoples’ perceptions of how they feel in the inside. Reducing the visible signs of ageing doesn’t have to be an expensive specialist treatment. There are a number of preventative methods that can be used without breaking the bank and from the comfort of your own home.


There is a saying that prevention is better than cure, and ageing skin is no different. The first step in managing ageing skin is to stop the damage before it occurs. This involves making sunscreen part of your daily treatment, regardless of the weather or the time of year. Sunscreen can be the most effective anti-ageing cream. Applied daily, it protects against the ageing effects of the sun’s ultraviolent rays. There are many Sunscreens available on the market, some of our favourites include the Ego Sunsense and Invisivle Zinc range.


A common occurrence as we age is that our skin becomes drier and less able to hold moisture. Many ageing skin problems, such as roughness, fine lines and scaly patches, are accentuated by dry skin. So when we are older we need to re-evaluate our moisturisation needs and go for more intensive hydration solutions.

Elixia Natural Anti-Ageing Multi V Moisturiser  and Swisse Hydrate Anti-Ageing Moisturiser provide intense hydration.

Supplement this with a night cream such as the Ego QV face nurturing Night Cream, which works while you sleep to hydrate your skin and improve your skin’s elasticity and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Our skin loses elasticity as we get older as a result of the normal part of the ageing process.  Rather than fillers and botox, there are number of alternative products available that work topically. Such products are sometimes referred to as Cosmeceuticals.

Freezeframe with Inhibox freezes wrinkles on application and works to help smooth the skin. Ageing skin also often develops pigmentation due to sun damage. Rather than opting for a chemical peel, there are gentler approaches to restore your skin’s texture. Skin Doctor’s Gamma Hydroxy Forte resurfaces the skin without downtime or soreness to assist with pigmentation spots.


Our lips can also start to show our age because they become dry, lose colour and develop fine lines. However, you don’t need the plumping effects of a dermal filler needle to reverse these effects. Freezeframe Lip Injection plumps lips and fills in lip lines instantly. It increases lip volume and reduces lip lines long-term.


The advanced technology behind skincare products can help you to look your best as you age. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars, but simply change your skincare regime to benefit the most.