Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a chronic skin condition that causes the skin to become irritated, inflamed, itchy or scaly, and can create rashes or swollen patches on the skin. Eczema is usually an inherited condition that is passed along the genes. The condition can occur within days of birth. A baby with eczema adds a whole other dimension and can be distressing for everybody concerned. The little one doesn’t know what is happening except that they feel sore and itchy, and you feel helpless because you can’t find anything to help them.


An important rule of thumb for an infant with eczema is to keep the baby’s skin well moisturised. There are a number of formulations available in a number of bases such as creams, lotions and ointments. Many remedies contain other healing agents in them such as aloe vera, zinc, manuka honey and lavender oil that may be also beneficial.  Some formulations that can be used include Dermaveen Eczema Cream, Medihoney Eczema Cream and Dexem Repair Cream.



An oat bath is a soothing and healing method for infants with eczema. The milky-white fluid is calming for sore and itchy skin. Dermaveen Bath Treatment gently cleanses the skin while relieving the symptoms of dry, irritated and itchy skin.  It contains 100% natural colloidal oatmeal, and most importantly for babies with eczema, it is free of lanolin, parabens, dyes and fragrances. Only Papaya Baby Bath Time is another treatment that has papaya (paw paw) and lavender oil in addition to the oatmeal to help soothe the baby’s skin. When giving the baby an oat bath, you can either leave the fine layer of oat milk on the baby’s skin or rinse it off with water. After drying the skin, make sure to apply a healing cream or lotion.



Probiotics have been shown to help prevent and treat eczema among infants. Some studies have shown that babies of women who fit the atopic profile and took a probiotic supplement during pregnancy had a lower incidence of eczema. Probiotics can be taken while breastfeeding, in such formulations as Wagner Probiotica and Blackmores Women’s Bio Balance. Some babies after the age of six months can also take probiotics.  However, always make sure to check with a doctor first before supplementing yourself or your baby with a probiotic to make sure it is right for you.



As eczema is usually itchy, people like to scratch it. Even the tiniest fingernails are able to scratch and break the skin causing an increase in bacterial and fungal organisms. These need to be treated as well.  Two treatments that are great for this purpose in eczema is calendula and tea tree oil. These treatments help reduce inflammation and itching, while healing the skin and containing antibacterial and antifungal properties. You can add a couple of drops of tea tree oil to bath water along with oat milk. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is an example of a formulation that can be used.