Are you getting over a sickness, such as the cold and flu? Nowadays with our busy lifestyles, when we get sick, we take some tablets and get back to work as soon as we can. We don’t let ourselves recover completely by attempting to go back to our normal routines not feeling 100%. However, getting better takes time and conditions such as the influenza are not getting the attention that is needed. So how can we recover completely and what can we do to boost our recovery?

Rest is he number one principle in aiding a full recovery. Nothing can compete with a few days in bed when you are stuck with an illness. Attempt to go to sleep earlier and wake up later. If you really must work, try to shorten your hours and try to work from home if necessary.


Exercise is in fact a good thing in helping with your recovery. It isn’t the time to start training for the marathon or doing a vigorous training schedule, however a certain amount of exercise is beneficial during your recovery process. The rule of thumb is that if the exercise tires you, save it for later, however if it gives you energy, you can do it. A gentle stroll is an example of exercise that you can do to help boost recovery.


Eat: When you are recovering, it is important to eat a nourishing diet. Even though you may not feel like eating when you are ill it is key to your recovery. It does not have to be complex but just something that will give you all the necessary nutrients that will boost your recovery. Soups are a great example of something that you can incorporate in your diet.


There are a number of herbs and supplements that can aid you to recover completely and faster.

What supplements are available however are largely dependent on the ailment that you are recovering from.

If it is a condition that is associated with the lungs, such as bronchitis, then herbs such as thyme and garlic are useful.

These can be found in supplements such as Blooms Arizonia Garlic and Blackmores Super Strength Horseradish, Garlic and C.

However, you may also wish to complement these with immune-supporting herbs such as Echinacea and astragulus. These immune supporting herbs can be found in Nature’s Way High Strength Echinacea 6000mg Plus Garlic Zinc and C and Cenovis Echinacea Garlic Zinc and C Tablets.The Vitamin C in these formulations also help your white blood cells to fight viral and bacterial infections, while Zinc increases the number of white blood cells.


The most important thing to keep in mind when we are recovering from an illness is that it is essential to give both our body and mind as much rest as they need. So take time out and flick those screens OFF!