IsoWhey Hot Chocolate is disappearing like vapour this summer


With the cold winter months well behind us and a hot scorching summer well underway, we’ve put away our warm woollen shirts and coats and swapped them for t-shirts and shorts.  It also means no more snuggling on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate wrapped between our hands.  Unfortunately this means no more IsoWhey Hot Chocolate is being supplied! 


But, the last 400 can still be found at Your Chemist Shop!

So if you like your chocolate drinks hot in summer and want to get into shape before hitting the streets in your summer attire, get in quick before they disappear from the country!


Did you know?


IsoWhey hot chocolate can also be mixed into cold water or low fat milk for a cold chocolate beverage.

                                            Isowhey Hot Chocolate just $7.95