The Revitive Circulation Booster IX is the latest in circulation boosting technology for your lower legs and feet. This model was first released in 2012, by Actegy Health.

The Revitive IX releases small electrical impulses through your feet, ankles and calves to stimulate blood flow. It is recommended to be used for 20 to 30 minutes per session.

Increased circulation and blood flow can help you;

- reduce swelling
- alleviate the pain or discomfort of tired, sore, aching feet or legs
- improve circulation to your lower legs and feet

What’s new in the IX model?

The IX includes an ‘IsoRocker’ feature. ‘IsoRocker’ allows you to rock your feet and legs back and forth whilst using the circulation booster. Similar to a rocking chair for your feet. This design enhancement aims to increase circulation flow even further.

IsoRocker Feature Revitive Circulation Booster

Additionally, the Revitive IX provides 15 different types or ‘waveforms’ or electro impulses. It also has intensity ranges from 1 to 99 and a remote control for convenience. Included with each IX booster is two sets of electrode pads, to target other areas of your body, such as the arms and back.

             “I believe using REVITIVE IX helps me live life to the full"

                     Dawn Fraser – Australian Swimming Legend

Why Circulation Is Important

Healthy circulation is important for both younger and older people alike. It is not something we often think about, but the main function of our circulatory system is to remove toxins, (such as Carbon Dioxide) and provide oxygen and nutrients, via the blood stream. A less active lifestyle can lead to poor circulation, which effects toxin removal and oxygen delivery.

When we partake in exercise, such as walking, this increases our heart rate which pumps blood through our system faster, as the body demands more oxygen. When we walk, this forces our leg muscles to contract. These muscle contractions circulate blood around our legs, back up to our heart.

When lacking exercise or when our legs are motionless for long periods of time, healthy levels of circulation are reduced.  

Increased blood flow to the lower extremities of our bodies, such as your legs, feet and toes can reduce the discomfort and pain associated with poor circulation or spending a long time standing.

Who can benefit from the Revitive Circulation Booster?

The Revitive IX circulation booster is not just designed for those with poor circulation, but can be used as an aid for the young and old, in the office or at home.

Today, Australians lead busier and more stressful lifestyles. More time is spent in cars, on public transport, sitting behind desks and on our feet. Being strapped to a desk, driving your car or even sitting or standing on trains or buses, takes a toll on your circulation.

After a hard day’s work, Australians want to kick off their shoes and relax. Typically this might involve surfing the Internet, watching television or playing a gaming console when getting home. This can be the ideal time to use the Circulation Booster.

How To Use The Revitive IX Circulation Booster

Watch this video for quick, clear instructions on how to use the circulation booster;

Revitive IX Circulation Booster Xmas Special

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